·        Our Mission  

1.   To empower Dementia Care Partners through education and training. 

2.   To help you conquer your fear of the unknown through research and science-based                     Brain Change education

3.   To equip you with empowering practical tools for daily interaction that reinforce the                   importance of connection to encourage positive relationships. 

                            Brain Change 101 • Conquer fear with Knowledge!

·        Our Format

Fear of dementia is one of the biggest challenges that family members, caregivers and our society in general face-- fear of the unknown that stems from lack of information and education about the changing and aging brain. Once caregivers and family members increase their knowledge of their loved one's brain condition, they are better equipped to understand the behavior that follows.  With this new knowledge and understanding they are then able to adjust their own behavior, include our training in their daily interactions and adapt to the constant changes associated with such disorders. This understanding and training lessens the stress caused by uncertainty and makes the journey more manageable for everyone involved, but most importantly, it places focus back on connection and  positive relationships.  


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

                                                            --H.P. Lovecraft